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Greetings, I'm Victoria

you know me best as snakeysmut 

I'm a super kink friendly, sex positive adult content creator who's been whispering filthy things in your ear since 2019. That's not all, I also love creating visual content that's sure to leave you dazzled and drooling for more. I love fantasy! My tastes run from bubbly girl next door to dark and depraved. With over 150 free audios you're sure to find a side of Snakey that fits your likes.

a dream girl for a very niche group of mildly disturbed, but badass individuals with excellent taste in debauchery


classic horror movies. dark romance. nighttime. tarot. sour candy. my two chihuahuas. writing. true crime. the paranormal. make-up artistry. fanfiction. 

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My Set Up

Neumann tlm-103
3Dio FS XLR Binaural Microphone

Scarlett 2i2 3rdGen Audio Interface

Adobe Audition

Kaotica eyeball

RX10 Audio Editor

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